Communication Can Define an Organization

The “protester” is someone that we hear about on the news and read about online and in the paper, but a majority of us would never label ourselves as a protester. We are a country that is fortunate enough to have the freedom of speech. We have the right to assemble and protest a cause that we hold close to our heart, but some people do get out of control. This is why many protesters have a bad reputation. Many non-protesters critictize the behavior of protesters, but TIME Magazine did the exact opposite. TIME named the protester their 2011 Person of the Year. TIME magazine was trying to tell the world something and I think that there are some people that are gradually catching on. Communication is the key to success and everyone knows this, but the way that we communicate is what defines us as people or organizations.

It is predicted that in 2012 one of the biggest trends will be the way communication defines an organization. This means that if an organization is bad at communicating with the public, their clients and any other stakeholders their reputation will suffer. I believe that this has been true all along, but people are just now realizing the effects of good and bad communication. The “protester” is the just a normal man or woman and if they can effectively share their message so can any organization. The protester is TIME’s person of the year because he or she utilized the communication tools her she has, phone, internet, T.V., to spread their message and to get people talking about them and their cause.

Communication is not always about selling and making a profit. An organization needs a stable foundation to have a great reputation and a stable foundations starts with good solid relationships. Relationships can be made by conversation. If an organization communicates effectively, that organization can form lasting relationships with clients, vendors, the public, etc. The relationships make a stable foundation. As an organization, you want people to be talking about you and you want that chatter to be positive. For example, on a Facebook page, instead of advertising a product, ask fans a questions and the person with the best answer wins a prize. It may be small, but almost half the people that only participated will go tell a friend. The quality of communication does matter. With their being so many media outlets out there and the fact that anyone can create news and start a conversations makes it hard to stand out, but an organization should know their target audience and have a meaningful purpose. It may take practice and advice, but quality communication is up to the communication generator.

It is not only about quality, quantity matters too. An organization should have a consistent communication plan and follow it, but the plan should not be consistently annoying. If an organization is constantly pushing their name and saying all the wrong things, it will make the public mad.  The public will just tune out there messages or complain. An organization should communicate enough so that people do not forget their name, but never too much.  Part of maintaining a good relationship is letting people know that you are always there for them, but you should never smother anyone either.

Communication comes down to quality and quantity. Both matter equally, but if both are done right and organization can have a great reputation.

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